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Children Need Your Love & Care

We all need to feel loved and looked after no matter what age we are. This is especially important during our younger years. If a child doesn’t feel loved then it can have a big impact on their personal development, which can go on to affect them into adulthood. Fostering provides an opportunity to make sure a child is loved and cared for, this will have a positive impact on their mental wellbeing and ensure they have someone to be there for them.

Many Children Don’t Grow Up in A Safe & Happy Home
There are many children in foster care who don’t know what it’s like to have a proper family setting or family routines. Providing children with a feeling of belonging to a family can be important for them to build future relationships as they get older.

Children Miss Out on Being Children
Many children in care have missed out on the opportunity of being a child and as a result have not experienced what it’s actually like to be a child. Little things that can be taken for granted such as a family meal, family holiday, fun parks and playgrounds, many children in care haven’t experienced before. Giving a child a loving, caring home, will allow them to feel safe and cared for at a time when it’s most important. Allowing children to enjoy being children.

You’re Educating the Next Generation
You will have the opportunity make a huge impact on the child or young persons life. You will get to teach them and bring them up, so they have greater opportunities in the future. The benefits they will receive from having your attention and support can have a lasting impact on their life.

Fostering Provides You With Self-Development
You can learn many skills and lesson through fostering. You will receive training that can be applied to different situations in life. You can be a role model to a young person’s life and learn and develop new skills.