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It’s Foster Care Fortnight 2019 and we at Viola Fostering Services want to thank all foster carers who are looking after thousands of children across the country. Children whose mums and dads, no matter how much they may love them, are not able to look after them. We thank you for your commitment to providing the best possible care for these children.

As a foster carer, you see the strengths and a positive future for each and every child who enters your home. You passionately believe that each child needs someone to be there for them, show them care, support, love, and encourage them to chase their dreams. You give all this and much more, along with comfort, happiness, safety, opportunities and choices.

You open your heart and welcome into your home, children of various ages, who are at different stages of their development. Some whose future is uncertain, who just need guidance and support as they develop and find their way. You can’t undo the pain that a child may have suffered, but you can be part of the healing and provide them a better future. One of happiness, care and love.

Your patience is one of your many strengths, your positive thinking is your lifeline. You share laughter, hugs, warmth and love. You see children grow from being young to older children, they flourish, and you understand that small steps are a huge victory in the right direction. The opportunities you create for children and young people, allow them to hold their head up high, being proud and more confident of who they are.

As we are celebrating Foster Care Fortnight 2019, the theme this year is #changeafuture, we would like to show our appreciation to all the foster carers who do an incredible job of looking after the thousands of children in care and help provide them with a bright future. We would also like to say thank you to those children and young people who live with you and have enriched your lives and changed your futures.

If you would like to show support via social media, then the main two hashtags for Foster Care Fortnight are #changeafuture and #FCF19. If you're not a foster carer already, could you consider becoming one? Contact Us at Viola Fostering Services today.