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In recognition of LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week, which runs from 4-10 March 2019, we are providing you with reasons why someone from the LGBT community should consider becoming a foster carer. At Viola Fostering Services, we are proud to be supporting this campaign.

If you are lesbian, gay, bi or transgender, you may be wondering if fostering is possible. Well, the answer is yes, you can! There is absolutely no reason why someone from the LGBT community cannot foster. Lesbian and Gay people have been fostering and adopting children for many years and, there are many examples of children growing up safely and happily with LGBT foster carers.

Open your heart and your home, there are many children and young people who simply just need your time and care, the difference you make can be life changing. LGBT carers have so much to give, they understand being different in modern society, being in care can feel the same. Children and young people in care understand prejudice in school playgrounds and online, this gives an empathy, a link that other carers may not have. Foster caring is a great way for same sex couples to have children in their life and more are choosing to foster than ever before.

So, to all the LGBT carers out there, you can foster, and you will probably do a really good job of it too! The UK is in need of more foster carers and there’s plenty of support available for LGBT foster carers, so don’t worry. If you are in the LGBT community and are considering fostering, then contact us now and make a change to a child or young persons life.