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So, you’ve been through the process of pre-approval training, assessment, panel and now you’ve been approved as a foster carer. This is great news, congratulations! What can you expect next?

You can get a great deal of reward from fostering which includes new family members and friends. You will experience many happy and proud moments for both yourself and your family members. This experience will give you the chance to positively change a child or young person’s life.

It’s likely that you will have to wait a while before the first child comes to live with you. You will likely be looking after children who have experienced trauma and require a specialised approach to their care. You might find that the behaviours are more challenging than those of other children you know, so good emotional resilience will be needed. You may need to build new relationships with the child’s birth family and others in the team around your fostered child. You will need to stay on top of important paper work, keep accurate and up-to-date records and logging important events and behaviours.

As a foster carer, you are never alone. You can expect to have multiple sources of ongoing support that’s available to you. You will have a supervising social worker, someone who is allocated to supporting you with your fostering service. This person will meet you on regular occasions to discuss any concerns or question you have, whilst offering you supervision and arrange training should you feel the need.

There will inevitably be some frustrations with the children in your care, the fostering service you are with, or the fostering system in general. So, having support from family and friends can be extremely beneficial in helping you as are fellow foster carers.

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