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Currently, there is a need for at least 8,000 new fostering families in the UK over the next year to ensure that every child that enters foster care can live with a family who meet their needs. There is a specific need for foster carers to look after teenagers and children with disabilities.

Foster carers can come from all walks of life. You might be a company director, baker or computer programmer. Each foster carer has various hobbies, interests and can be a wide range of ages with different skills and experiences. Foster carers can be any gender or sexuality, from any culture or religion. It doesn’t matter if your single, married or living with your partner, your background should not prevent you from becoming a foster carer.

In order to become a foster carer, you need to meet the criteria below:
  • 18 years or older (some services only accept 21 years and older)
  • Have a spare room available
  • Full-time UK residency
  • Be able to provide a child with time, love, care and support

There are other factors you should take into consideration such as your health. It’s a demanding role as you become responsible for a child. Help can be provided along the way, but you should be aware of the impact it could have. You should also consider your finances, be aware of what fees or allowances you will receive. Do you have someone you can rely on to help you both practically and emotionally, looking after a child or young person can be challenging but rewarding as you get to see them thrive and develop like a child should.

Fostering might not be for everyone but don’t rule yourself out just because of your background, age, gender etc. Get in touch with us today at Viola Fostering Services and begin your journey into fostering.